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Potion Production

NPC: Mikaela (potion house)
Level: 1
Item: Red Herb
Mobs: Leafle (Field)
QP: 3


NPC: Lady Mariane (Library)
Level: 5
Item: 30 Quality Leaf
Mobs: Pechay (Field)

Habulan Memories


NPC: Eric (Shop) Fortress
Level: 1
Items: Habulan Token
Procedure: Win habulan Tulungan (Mini Game)
QP: 2
Take Note: you must have 5 Habulan Thropy to gain this quest.

SOS Training

NPC: Alfred (Waif Camp)
Level: 30
Procedure: Loot Adobo on Leafie (Field) then talk to Alfred (Defeat alfred in SOS game 3 times)
QP: 4

There is a video on Youtube that will give you some tips on SOS(Available Occasionally)

Locker Keys

NPC: John (Shop) Fortress
Level: 13
Items: Locker Key
Mobs: Mouse (Field)
QP: 3

Woods for Chivalry

NPC: Victor (Chivalry)
Items: Wood
Mobs: Potato (Field)
QP: 4

Sinew for Chivalry

NPC: Steve (Chivalry)
Level: 13
Items: Sinew
Mobs: Mouse (Field)
QP: 5

I Like Lady Maya

NPC: John (Shop) Fortress
Level: 1
Items: Red Flower
Mobs: Mushroom (Field)
QP: 2

I Like Lady Mariane

NPC: Erick (Shop) Fortress
Level: 17
Items: Purple Flower
Mobs: Slug (Field)
QP: 2

I Like Mikaela

NPC: Ricky (Shop) Waif Camp
Level: 5
Items: Blue Flower
Mobs: Crop (Field)
QP: 3

But I Like Mikaela Too

NPC: Razor (waif camp)
Level: 18
Item: White Flower
Mobs: Caterpillar (Field)
QP: 3

The Family Picnic

NPC: Joshua (Temple)
Level: 21
Items: raw Crab Meat
Mobs: Crab (Swamp)
QP: 3

Sticky Gels

NPC: Mikaela (Potion House) Fortress
Level: 23
Items: Adhesive Gels
Mobs: Jellyfish (Swamp)
QP: 3

Dad's Pendant

NPC: Pete (Temple)
Level: 25
Items: Pendant
Mobs: Zombie Slug (Swamp)
QP: 3

Warp Orbs

NPC: Zen(Temple)
Level: 27
Items: Purified Spirit Stone
Mobs: Zombie Crab (Swamp)
QP: 6


NPC: Ricky (Shop) Waif Camp
Level: 30
Items: ?bell?
Mobs: ?chivion?
QP: ??


Potion Experiment

NPC: George (Shop) Swamp Village
Level: 35
Items: Exotic Leaves
Mobs: Splint (wilderness)
QP: 4


NPC: Mikaela (Potion House)
Level: 34
Items: Mine
Mobs: Bettle (Wilderness)
QP: 5

Swamp Potions

NPC: George (Shop) Swamp Village
Level: 30
Items: Stock of Potions
Procedure: get stock of potions on mikaela then go back to george w/o using warp or getting hit by MOB
QP: 3


NPC: Lady Maya (INN)
Level: 36
Items: Cotton
Mobs: Puff / Bloom Puff (Wilderness)
QP: 5

Waif Camp Potions

NPC: Alfred (Waif Camp)
Level: 1
Items: few Potions
Procedure: get stock of potions on mikaela and then go back to Alfred w/o using warp
QP: 2

True Bound Swordsman

Find mi Snuggies

NPC: Rafaga (Wilderness Entrance)
Level: 37
Items: Punyal
Map: Dark Wilderness 0-20 (find shiny thing)
QP: 7

The Stolen Ornament

Swamp-shiny thing

NPC: Lady Maya (INN)
Level: 25
Items:Golden Bee Ornament
Maps: Swamp 0-20 (find shiny thing)
QP: 4

Save Little Parurus

GL-shiny thing

NPC: Raigah (Grassland Entrance)Level: 40
Items: 5 Wild Serene Flowers
Maps: Grassland 0-20 (find shiny thing)
QP: 5

Delicate Delicacy

Shining Item

NPC: Alfred
Level: 45
Items: Wild Kabute
Maps: Nurua 0-20 (Shining Item)
QP: 6

Beauty In The Sky

Field-Shiny Thing

NPC: Mikaela (Potion House)
Level: 1
Items: Meteoric Stone
Procedure: go and talk to Ricky(Waif Camp), go back to Mikaela, find the shiny thing in Field 0-20
QP: 2

Mommy Paruru Went Lala

NPC: Mitto (Grassland Village)
Level: 24
Items: Shororu's 2 missing eggs
Procedure: 1st Egg: Ricky (Waif Camp)
2nd Egg: Darus (Zegea Entrance)
QP: 3

Cash Collection

NPC: Lloyd(Grassland Village)
Level: 60
Items: Cash Collection
NPC Order:

  1. mitto (shop-Grassland Village)
  2. george (shop-Swamp Village)
  3. raigah (Grassland Entrance)
  4. pete (temple)
  5. alfred (waif Camp)
  6. lady mariane (Library)
  7. eric (Shop-market)
  8. john (Shop-market)
  9. darus (Zegea Entrance)
  10. marus (Valzeon Passage Entrance)
  11. rafaga (Wilderness Entrance)
  12. lady maya (inn-fortress complex)
  13. miss yuki (lower-Grassland village)
  14. mikaela (Potion House-Market)
  15. zarus (Keazara Castle Entrance)

QP: 4
Take note: once you start this quest other chat may not work like mail of miss yuki

Ah Yay Yay! My Little Muffy Fly

Echo Stone - Field

NPC: Raigah (Grassland Entrance)
Level: 35
Items: Echo Stone
Map: Explore Field map near swamp(probably Field 31-40)
QP: 4

Pipe Master

Broken Pipe lines - library

NPC: Eric
Level: 10
Items: Find 15 Broken Pipelines
Map: Fortress, Fortress Complex(library,inn), Chivalry, Market(potion house, shop), Temple
QP: 3
Take Note: you must finish all the quest with eric to gain this quest.

Finishing Flare Day

Flare Stone

NPC: Darus (Zegea Entrance)
Level: 60
Item: Flarestones (10 pcs)
Procedure: Look for flaming item around every SHOP of Fortress, Waif camp,Swamp Village and Grassland Village.
QP: 4

Mystery Case 1

Mystery Case 1

NPC: Mikaela(Potion House)
Level: 60
Item: Alibi Report, Evidence Rock

  1. Joshua(temple)
  2. Mikaela
  3. Lady Mariane(Library)
  4. Eric(Shop)
  5. Joshua(temple)
  6. Mikaela
  7. Steve(Chivalry)
  8. John(Shop-market)
  9. Pete(temple)
  10. Find a shiny thing in fortress area
  11. Victor(Chivalry)
  12. Mikaela
  13. Lady Maya(inn)
  14. Victor(Chivalry)
  15. Joshua(temple)
  16. John(shop-market)
  17. Zen(temple)
  18. Alfred(Waif camp)
  19. Razor(Waif camp)
  20. Ricky(shop-Waif camp)
  21. Raigah (Grassland Entrance)
  22. Zen(temple)
  23. Mikaela

QP: 5

Find Mi Snuggies!

Find mi Snuggies

NPC: Mikaela(Potion House)
Level: 60
Item: Special Sleep Hat
Map: Wilderness 0-39 (find shiny thing)
QP: 5

Quest can only be done one at a time.

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